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Phone consultations are available.

Initial consultations run 21/2 - 3 hours long when students are in session (11/2 hours long when students are not in session). During the first hour of this time, patients meet with Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula students to get their vitals checked and to go through a questionnaire as part of our students' experiential learning program. The second 11/2 - 2 hours will be spent with Alakananda Ma, Alandi's head Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner. During this time, a thorough Ayurvedic exam will be conducted including an Ayurvedic pulse reading. Patients can expect to learn their Prakruti (constitution) and their Vikruti (imbalances) as well as an outline for treatment upon leaving.

Cost - $180

Please bring cash or check to pay for appointments. We are now able to accept one check for pharmacy orders and clinic appointments. You no longer need to write two separate checks.

Individualized Ayurvedic Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

During the school semester, Lifestyle Counseling is provided without additional cost by the Alandi Gurukula students. A personalized take home plan is prepared focusing diet, lifestyle, exercise, habits and spirituality.


Student Clinic Special

The student clinic is operated by our students who have graduated from the 2-year Ayurvedic Practitioner program and are continuing their studies to become an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner. Initial appointments run 3 hours long. Included in the Student Clinic Special is:

Cost - $90

Please bring cash or check to pay for appointments. We ask that pharmacy orders and clinic appointments be paid for separately, so if you are paying by check, please plan accordingly.


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Cancellation Policy for Alandi Ayurveda Clinic

A charge will be made for all broken appointments unless a 24-hour business day notice is given. Notice cannot be given on holidays and weekends. We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to an emergency such as illness, blizzard or car problems. There will be no charge for these excused absences if a conscious effort is made to contact us as soon as you realize you need to miss your appointment. Otherwise, if an appointment is not cancelled with a full business day's notice, a charge of 50% of the cost of the appointment will be applied to your account.