Continuing Education and Distance Learning Classes

General Information

Many of Alandi Ayurveda courses can be taken on an individual basis. This is a great way to attend our unique classes on an individual basis, or to continue your education. Many of our classes are available via Skype for those that can’t attend in person. This is a great option for:

Textbooks and Materials

There are several required and recommended texts for each specific course. Required and recommended texts can be found under each course description. One copy of each book is available in our school library for use while on the property. Other materials costs may be required for certain classes, i.e. copy packets.

Admissions and Tuition

Tuition for individual classes is $200 per credit hour. Graduates of Alandi Ayurveda can attend new classes or re-take classes for a discounted price. Please contact the office to inquire about the special rate.

Classes from the Practitioner program are appropriate for new Ayurvedic students, that have taken at least the Fundamentals of Ayurveda or an equivalent course. Classes from the Post-graduate program (the second half of the Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner Program) are available to graduates of a NAMA approved practitioner program or Ayurvedic professionals.

To order an Application Packet or receive additional information, please call (303) 786-7437 or email Please specify program of interest.

Individual Classes by Program

Click course title for detailed descriptions.

Please note: The schedule is organized into Years A and B, with classes alternating each year. Year A is an academic year beginning with an even numbered year, and Year B is an academic year beginning with an odd numbered year.

Ayurvedic Practitioner Program

Fundamentals of Ayurveda – 2 credits – pre-req for other undergrad courses (year A/B)
Nadi Pariksha: Pulse (no Skype) – 6 credits (year A)
Case Based Studies – 3 credits per semester (year A/year B)
Sing the Sutras – 3 credits (year A)
Padarth Vignam – 1 credit (year A)
Marma Points – 1 credit (year A)
Ashtavidha Pariksha (Diagnostics) (no Skype) – 3 credits (year B)
Materia Medica – 3 credits (year B)
History of Ayurveda & Sutras– 3 credits (year B)
Shalakya Tantra: Diseases of the Head – 1 credit (year B)
Ethnopharmocology – 1 credit (year B)
Classical Pancha Karma Theory – 2 credits (year B)

Post-Graduate Program

Madhava Nidan – 8 credits (year A)
Case Based Studies – 3 credits per semester (year A/year B)
Clinical Round Table – 3 credits per semester (year A/year B)
Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum – 2 credits (year A)
Gerentology – 1 credit (year A)
Nighantu – 6 credits (year B)
Agadha Tantra (Toxicology) – 3 credits (year B)

Weekend or Intensive Courses

Self Care – 1 credits
Lifestyle Counseling – 3 credits
Medicing Making (no Skype) – 1 credits
Pancha Karma Techniques (no Skype) – 4 credits