Making Ghee

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Prep time: 30 min

Yields 2 cups

Dosha: V, P, K

Ingredients: 1 pound organic cultured unsalted butter


In a heavy saucepan, heat butter over medium heat. Continue to cook at medium-low heat. The butter will bubble and make bubbling sounds. When it is almost done, milk solids will collect on the bottom of the pan. When it is done (15-20 min), it will look clear and become very quiet.

Quickly, remove it from heat (before burning), and cool slightly. Pour ghee (the clear golden liquid) though a metal strainer and/or cheese cloth into a glass  container.  Store ghee at room temperature.



Be sure to keep watch of ghee while cooking. Undercooked ghee tends to mould. Overcooked ghee tends to burn. A touch of browning can add a nice flavour.

After making this once, you are likely to do it again and again! Homemade ghee is simple, pure, and inexpensive!


(Revised from Amadea Morningstar's The Ayurvedic Cookbook )


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