Dangerous Sweeteners

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Jaggery used in Indian cuisine.

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High fructose corn syrup...number one dangerous sweetener . Our body can handle fructose in fruit, where the fibre from fruit slows its absorption; but we are not designed for industrial sweeteners.  Sweeteners high in fructose are implicated in metabolic syndrome. Watch a great lecture about this from an expert endocrinologist at

A supposedly beneficial sweetener has also emerged as unduly high in fructose. To make matters worse, this sweetener is being marketed to diabetics and people with metabolic syndrome as having a low glycemic index. Yes--agave nectar isn't all it's made out to be! At 70-90% fructose, agave could be more deadly than white sugar.

Ayurveda recommends natural sweeteners that are not industrial products, such as jaggery, (shown in the picture) raw local honey and mishri (natural rock candy). Even these should be used in moderation and with attention to prakruti, (constitution) as well as vikruti (current imbalance).

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