Garden Vegetable Soup

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Today during Ayurvedic Self Care class we enjoyed a delicious vegetable soup. Here is the step-by step process. Thanks to garden, gardeners and Devas!

Seasonal vegetables are harvested


For the soup base for eight servings I used two cups dry red lentils, two cups chopped tomatoes, three bay leaves and the greens from the vegetables, simmered together.


The vegetables are washed...

...and chopped. We cut the root veggies on the diagonal...

and lightly sauteed them in Olive oil.


Once the lentils were soft, we added the veggies, salt and pepper to the pot and simmered until the vegetables were tender.


Right before serving, we added fresh basil, rosemary, oregano, sage and thyme , simmered for a few more minutes and then served in bowls.

We dined al fresco, accompanying the soup with gluten free cornbread, mixed fruit chutney, baba ganoush and gluten free bread.


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