Traditional British Christmas Dinner Vegetarian Style

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With my sister and her family in Wales, those of us who don't eat meat  enjoyed a vegetarian version of traditional Christmas dinner.


Main dish--Chestnuts simmered in cream
Roast potatoes

Brussels sprouts
Roasted parsnips
Roasted carrots
Chestnut stuffing (unstuffed)
Sage and onion stuffing
Bread sauce
Cranberry sauce

The meal was actually healthy! Chestnuts are a great source of protein, dietary fibre, Vitamin C, folate, B vitamins and minerals including iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and potassium. Parsnips area major source of folate. Brussels sprouts are high in Vitamin C as well as cancer-preventing glutathione. Carrots provide beta carotene. Potatoes, like chestnuts, are gluten free and a great source of VitamIn C. So Christmas dinner, traditionally made, offers benefits especially for winter health and for women of childbearing are who need a folate-rich diet. 

This was followed by vegan gluten free Christmas pudding. All Mum would say about this recipe was that she followed Great-grandma Olivia's recipe while omitting flour, sugar, breadcrumbs and eggs and substituting vegetarian suet. Or here is a vegan recipe link:


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