Haritaki: Some Interesting Points

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Terminalia chebula

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Haritaki is virtually synonymous with Ayurveda. In the opening chapter of the Chikitsasthan of Charak, the words haritaki and amalaki are mentioned even before the definition of chikitsa or therapeutics.
Haritaki is sarvaroga prashamani: the pacifier of every disease. Haritaki has a specific anupan (accompanying substance) for each dosha. 

For Vata, ghee

For pitta, mishri (rock candy)

For kapha, Lavana (salt).

Haritaki also has a specific anupan for each season--ritu haritaki or seasonal haritaki.

Varsha (rains)  Saindhava (salt)

Sarada (autumn) Mishri (rock candy)

Hemanta (winter) Sunthi (dry ginger)

Sisrira (Early spring) Pippali (long pepper)

Vasanta (spring) Madhu (honey)

              Grishma (summer) Jaggery

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