Compliance: A Poem by Joanna Lukach

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In the process of reflecting on her experiences at the Alandi Ayurveda Clinic this semester, student Joanna Lukach composed this poem. Enjoy!

English: Terrace garden, Woodstock, Inistioge,...

English: Terrace garden, Woodstock, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny. Serpentine patterns of gravel path lined by box hedges. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I sit and watch two souls emerge.

Each having a path that is laid of pebbles, sand,
and grit;

Earth Mother in each.

The composition of former generations, grandparents, animals, trees,

And all that ever existed;


Influenced by thoughts, energies, and lessons of
long ago

Walking this path

Holding their own.

Two souls surface



And unsure.

With dust, fumes, loose gravel from the past, and

Particles afloat.

The reflection of self in each other's eyes.

The paths merge as one;

Compliance for both;

Never assumed as only one.

Hearing to understand each other;

Not to reply.

Slowly the dust settles

The veil is dropped.

I sit and watch two souls emerge.
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