Home Remedies for Pinkeye

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There are two basic home remedies for pinkeye.

Place a drop of castor oil in each eye morning and night. It may sting initially but don't worry, It will soothe your eye. Be sure to use Palma Christi or Home Health hexane free castor oil as other types of castor oil from the drugstore may harm your eye due to the content of hexane. This remedy is especially effective for eye irritation due to allergies or dust, though it is also useful in infectious pinkeye.

Make a tea from Barberry root (berberis) or Oregon Grape root. (mahonia). Use 1 tsp of dried herb to 1 cup of distilled water, bring to the boil, simmer for 10 minutes and strain thoroughly. Cool to room temperature and add a third to a half teaspoon of natural sea salt or Real Salt. Bathe your eyes using an eyecup once daily. This is especially effective for infective pinkeye although it can also be useful in allergic irritation of the eye.

For nursing mothers: Squeeze some breast milk into your baby's eye if the eyes are red or irritated.

If only one eye is red or if there is blurring of vision, consult your doctor immediately. This may indicate a severe condition such as iritis or uveitis. You have only one pair of eyes--guard them carefully!

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