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This retelling of the life story of Jivaka, great physician to the Buddha, was unearthed in the archive library of Dr. Bharat Vaidya. Originally published in the Pali journal Health, a Publication of Prabhuram Anant Pharmacy for the Upheaval of Ayurved, this account was written in 1929 by Raj Vaidya Harjivan Ratnaji Bhatt (pictured right). This story is based on an original script of Jivaka's life, along with a record of Jivaka's prescriptions, preserved and presented by Rev Ch. Damodar Swami, a Sanskrit Professor from Sri Lanka. This account was translated from Pali to English by Dr. Vaidya on December 2, 20111 . It is my honor to present this story to English readers who may wish to deepen their connection to Jivaka, and broaden their understanding of his life. Herein, may these exciting details serve to illuminate the life and times of Jivaka, the great physician to the Buddha. It is my hope that the biographical details of his life may enliven our contemporary approach to Ayurveda. Jivaka's Early Life

Our allopathic friends are fond of referencing the great scientist Galen (130-200 CE) of Pergamum, the Greek physician who advanced the practice of medicine by integrating theory with observation and experience2, and William Harvey (1578-1657) who is credited with being the first western in the world to accurately describe the circulatory system and the role of the heart in pumping the blood3. What of Jivaka, the great Ayurved physician to the Buddha, who lived 2550 years ago?

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