Three Short Dharma Poems

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Seven red apples and one green tennis ball

Bobbing in foam on the creek.

They float a few feet down,

Turn, sail back again,

Caught in an eddy current.

For a moment the tennis ball seems to escape—

Moves almost to the edge of the pool

But a bigger eddy catches it

And back it comes again.


Friends, beware the eddy currents of samsara.

Keep to the swift midstream

Go straight to the vast ocean.



Mother’s Feet


Mother, the touch of your dancing heel

Plunges the world into dissolution

The sparkle of your toe jewel

Creates the universe anew.

All the wise men of the world

Are just tiny jingling bells on your anklets.

Place your foot on my head!



The Pearl


My beloved is a priceless pearl

Hidden in the desert of the world.

Holding a bag of gold

I searched every bazaar

Yet I could not buy the pearl.

Shedding a thousand tears

I dived to the ocean floor

Yet I could not find the pearl.

Heaving a thousand sighs

I soared to the mountain top

The pearl was nowhere to be seen.


Friend, look in your own heart.

The priceless pearl

Is waiting for you there.



















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