A Dream Posted in Memory of my Father, on his Birthday

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Today is my father's birthday so I wanted to post something in memory. Here is a dream I recently had.
I go to a hospital and meet a male nurse dressed in black who tells me Dad is alive. I tell him that I was there when Dad died and all my friends know this. He replies, “He fell asleep for a while but now he’s awake.”  I walk to the hospital cafeteria thinking that we need to proceed with the utmost caution and great boldness. A woman dressed in black walks over and sits opposite me at the table. She has a white and gold name tag saying Dr Alia Moscovitch. (Moscovitch was my grandmothers’ maiden name.) She says to me, “We need to proceed with the utmost caution and great boldness.” I don’t want her to talk down to me so I tell her that I’m also a doctor myself. She replies, “Yes but it’s different because he’s your father and you’re emotionally involved.”
 I get ready to go to see Dad by putting on ‘Sufi order of the West earrings’ which are large oval shaped earrings, white with gold Arabic calligraphy of Quaranic verses.  I also take off the white cotton dervish hat I’m wearing and put on a white felt Mevlevi hat. Then I go down a corridor into a room where there is an elderly Jewish gentleman sitting up in bed. I say, “Is it really you?” “Yes.” “You’re Peter?” “Yes.” “And you’re my Dad?” “Yes”. I give him a hug and then I wake up, not sure whether my father is really dead or not.

Here is the interpretation by Habiba, our Sufi circle leader:
I feel this dream is a confirmation for you that your father has passed safely into the Realm of Beauty and that your grandmother was somehow helpful in this transition.  He is alive, awake and well and resting there. 

It feels as if putting on the Sufi garb somehow allowed you to travel briefly to the other side and make this confirmation for yourself.

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