Call of Love

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White trumpet flaring into night
Pulsing moonbeam silver
Long stamen quivering, beckoning,
Heady intoxicating fragrance
Invoking mystic dreams
Inviting sacred journeys,
Call of love from datura to hawk moth.

Velvet vulval folds
Of crimson, pink or white
Concealing golden pollen dust,
Sweet, cool scent
Distilling tender tears
Wafting attar of prayers,
Call of love from rose to honey bee.

Snow-capped peaks trembling in lake's embrace,
Scent of meadows caressed by gentle breeze,
Aroma of ripe apples dropping in warm grass,
Waterfall tumbling over mossy cave,
Awakening weary limbs
Arousing spirit's yearning,
Call of Love Itself to human heart.

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