In an English Cottage Garden, Freston


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For years I have tried to capture you

Diligently planting hollyhocks and foxgloves

In the land of tallgrass prairie

To battle searing heat

And late May snowstorms.

Your glorious profusion

Belongs to the drizzle, the pheasant

The salty estuary tang

The wheeling seagull,

Your colours vibrant

Against grey June sky.


Black bumblebee dives deep

In digitalis cave

Raindrops quiver on crimson, yellow,

Pink, peach, ivory tea roses

Tangled with magenta peonies

And scarlet field poppies

Against a dizzying backdrop

Of white hollyhock spires

And delphiniums at budbreak.

Wood pigeon cries

"You can't go a-fishin' "

Song thrush and warblers sing

Wind rustles beech and chestnut--

These no photograph can show.


Garden, in the home of prickly pear and yucca,

I will remember you!


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