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 Neptune honoured you

Buxom mother Venezia

With riches you could not imagine

Cornucopia of crude

The dubious blessing

Of oilrigs and refineries.

Juno showers down on you

The wealth of nations

Dollars, pounds, yen

Flow into your coffers

Price of your once-proud soul.

Ibrahim, Ishmael and Ali

Sell fake Gucci bags

Outside Venetian Institute.

Pigeons peck for crumbs

Amid litter and cigarette butts

How are the mighty fallen!

You won the Battle of Lepanto

But lost the war with Mammon

Charging pilgrims for darshan

Of San Marco's tomb.


At last, out on the lagoon

I found your heart and essence

More ancient that Doge

Or Serenissima Republica

No armour, no velvet capes

No trompe d'oeil panels

A tower rising above tranquil fields

A simple Byzantine apse

Where Theotokos rises

Above us in gold mosaic.

She is the mother, the sea

You the bambino

Cradled in her arms

A jewel to delight the world.


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