A Dream on the Occasion of All Saint's Day

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There is a very important election, much more important than the current mid-term elections. This is an election to a great monastery. Sadananda and I are elected to this monastery. Sadananda chooses to become a hermit. An upper room or loft  is constructed for him. He lives in this upper room and once a day he lowers a bowl on a rope, with a note saying what he needs. We place the supplies in the bowl and he hauls it up.
I meet a woman from the future who has written a book about the five great saints of the monastery. Sadananda and I are in this book. I see  a chapter on Sadananda's life, and then a chapter called Enlightenment. I say "that must be Sadananda" although it is not completely clear if this applies to Sadananda or to both of us or indeed if I see it this way out of humility. After enlightenment comes Death but I don't read that section out of etiquette as it seems improper to know details of Sadananda's death before it happens. Then comes the chapter on me. I am quite surprised to find that I became one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever known, making the problem of world hunger my own and solving it completely to the extent that everyone in the world could enjoy not just  UN rations but real food with fruits and vegetables. There was an illustration of my packing up apples for shipment. I say, "This all makes sense as Sadananda is more contemplative and I am more active, he is in fana and I am in baqa."  I appreciate that Sadananda's contemplation plays a part in my activism and vice versa. Again, out of etiquette  I don't read the chapter on my own death.
It comes time to visit Sadananda (an annual visit) and the Abbot and I climb up on a ladder. Sadananda is eating out of a big bowl. He will say nothing except 'Yes". Then he says to the Abbot "Yes. I know what I'm doing." Sadananda makes his meal by filling a big pitta bread with vegetables  and pouring in hot water, thus making soup inside the bread. He has eaten one and is going to eat another but the abbot takes it away saying "you don't have to torture yourself" . I feel sad  because Sadananda eats but once a day and due to our visit he will not eat his fill. The abbot says that from now on we will visit Sadananda once a month. I wake up.

The following night I dream about solving world hunger. I dream about Indonesia and that the problem of hunger in this country can be solved by water buffaloes. Also that literacy is the key to ending world hunger because knowledge is power.

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