Nowhere Land

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Somewhere places are built of mud brick, mellow red brick, Suffolk white brick, logs, timber, lath and plaster, rough stone, hewn stone, flint, adobe, wattle, bamboo, tile, slate, thatch, banana leaves, coconut fronds.
Nowhere places are built of concrete, steel, particle board and vinyl.

Somewhere places have village greens, churchyards, commons, fountains, piazzas, shrines, stupas, ghats, sacred groves with terracotta horses.
Nowhere places have parking lots.

Somewhere places have greengrocers, spice bazaars, village shops, street markets, roadside stalls, peddlers, old women squatting by baskets of fruit.
Nowhere places have shopping malls and hypermarkets.

Somewhere places have mud-walled temples, adobe churches, minarets, little stone chapels, carved wooden synagogues, roadside grottoes, standing stones, holy wells, sacred baths.
Nowhere places have mega-churches an
d multiplex cinemas.

Somewhere places have croft gardens, market gardens, herb gardens, orchards, meadows, rice fields, terraced hillsides, cottage gardens, family farms
Growing cabbages, potatoes, pumpkins, beans, squash, bananas, papaya, cherries, black rice, red rice, ragi, amaranth, turnips, carrots, yams, bitter gourds, bottle gourds, black and white radishes, brandywine to
matoes and Cox's orange pippins.
Nowhere places grow soybeans, corn and sugar beets courtesy of Monsanto Inc.

Somewhere places have donkeys, mules, horses, ox carts, bicycles, rickshaws, lamas, yaks, rickety buses, narrow gauge trains.
Nowhere places have cars, trucks and SUVs.

Somewhere places are somewhere
Nowhere places are everywhere
Somewhere places are bulldozed
Nowhere places built.

If you live in Anyplace, Nowhere Land
Don't have a nowhere heart.
Light a candle
Beat a drum
Touch the earth
Greet the moon
Plant a tree.
Take your children to look for signs of spring
To gather berries and plant pine cones
And keep the chainsaws and bulldozers
From the little somewhere places.

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