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A red dawn welcomes me to the month of my birth.
December, time of leafless trees and frozen soil,
Month of darkness
Month of candles.

Month of  expectancy
 Of gathering round the Advent candle
Telling stories and opening tiny glittered doors
For the people who walked in darkness
Have seen a great light.

Month of  birthday candles
Rich iced fruitcake
Blowing and making a wish
Tearing tissue paper to reveal the gift.

Month of wandering twilit streets
Each lace curtained bay window
Aglow with Christmas tree lights
And sparkling tinsel.

Month of holly and candles
Reflecting in stained glass windows
As tremulous boy soprano
Sings of lowly cattle shed.

Month of blazing yule log
Teacakes speared on toasting fork
Biting into crumpet
Butter running down chin.

Month of deepening  darkness
 Of growing Hanukkah lights
Reflecting on brass menorah
Shiny chocolate gelt
Melting in sticky palm.

Month of yartzheit candles
 Of waiting at bedside
Holding frail hand
Daughter midwifing father
Into another world.

December, month of my birth
Month of my father's death
Month of darkness
Month of hope
Season of candles
As the sun dies
And the light is reborn.



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