Have Mercy

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Secretary-General Visits Refugee Camps in Chad

Image by United Nations Photo via Flick

Allah the merciful the compassionate,
Have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us who live in refugee camps
Caught between two armies.

 Have mercy on us whose villages are flooded
Whose crops are lost
Who shiver under canvas
 Who return home to wreckage

Have mercy on us
In the forest fire
 Charred homes and lost possessions.
Have mercy on us in the slums of Rio and Mumbai
And have mercy on us too,
In billion dollar mansions,
Beset by arrogance and family feuds.

Have mercy on us whose livestock starve,
Whose fields are parched
Whose bellies are empty.
Have mercy on us who pick through refuse dumps
Who sell our bodies and are sold
Who toil in sweatshops
And have mercy on us too in the boardroom
And the chauffeured Rolls Royce.

O God of mercy and compassion
You know our fears, our despair,
 You know our greed and arrogance
Our headstrong ways.
Have mercy on us
For we have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind.
As we endure the  earthquake, flood and fire
Speak to us, O still small voice
Bring us back to the heart.

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