I Embrace Change

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I embrace change.

I embrace my changing  body
Contours growing more generous
Face more lined
The silver in the hair

The names I can't recall
Words that just won't come
And with the curiosity of a  twelve year old schoolgirl
Staring at the bigger girls
Wondering if I too will have such shapely legs
Instead of little sticks
I look today at  elders
Thinking, "Will this be me?"
I embrace my changing body
With joy, for it is mine
And I am fortunate
To live so long.

And I embrace our changing world
The emptying villages
Shrinking forests
Shifting coastlines
shoals of fish
In sorrow for these human imprints
I embrace our changing world
With courage, for it is mine
To heal and to protect.

 I embrace our changing culture
All that attends the fall of civilizations
Nuclear weapons at the ready

Armies occupying cradle of civilization

Tanks in slums
Riot police fighting protesters
Governments shoring up banks.
Pledging to walk in peace
I embrace change with dread and yet conviction
May the phoenix rise from the flames!

Impermanent, this body, these cultures and this earth
For all must pass!
I embrace change with equanimity
Rooted in the Changeless

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