My Year in Review

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Hanukkah candles beside log fire in Wales
And birthday cake made by nieces
Shed rays of light into year
Made sombre by Dad's anniversary.
We scatter his ashes in River Aeron
And travel next day to Aberaeron
 Where his mortal remains met the sea.  

Home just in time to be snowbound for days
In tiny village.

In Mum's new Kesgrave home
We light Sabbath candles
With elderly Jewish neighbour

Who won't believe in G-d
Because she's angry with Him.
Snowed up at Gatwick airport
We watch B movies in Hotel room
As hares hop round manor grounds.
Treasures in our backpacks
Two Ipswich snowscapes by Dad
To adorn our Boulder ashram.

Sadananda, so lately covered with Dad's ashes
Like baker with fine flour,
Undergoes metamorphosis,
Develops photographer wings
Takes on Dad's artist mantle.
 Inspired, I reawaken
Skills learnt at father's knee
After unwrapping Baby Brownie
On my sixth birthday.
In this year of Saturn Return
I connect with ancestral guides
 Discovering the Dark Lady

My great-great grandmother
And realize I truly am a child of Abraham
My great-grandfather's name.
Seeking the dead, I find the living
Meet newly-discovered cousins.
My sense of family grows in Saturn's arms.

There are other ancestral journeys
To a land Abraham never knew
A walled town beneath the Dolomites
And the sleepy village of Familglia Rech.
Here in the parocchia
My beloved's bloodline
Revealed in elegant script.

 Spiritual ancestors too
 Are met anew this year
I rededicate to love, simplicity and oneness
At tombs of Francis and Clare.

Gatwick again, no delays this time
Just a very excited niece
On her first trip to America.

A whirl of swimming, ice cream, hiking
Navajo reservation Gourd dance
And dusty desert pilgrimage
To Shiprock, pillar of light.


Back at Alandi Ashram
A dozen goddesses dressed in white
Offer rose petals to Sarasvati
Studies begin in earnest
As Ayurvedic mysteries unfold
To depths rarely plumbed in Western lands.

Autumn brings harvest
Golden gourds and pumpkins
And flames of sacred fire
Arising for the Mother.
Sorrow, tears and prayers
For floods in Pakistan
Patience and frustration interweaving
As we seek ways to help.

Hanukkah lights twinkle again
We pray shehekhianu
Blessed are you, Most High one
Who has preserved me
To see another birthday
Gratitude for a year when no loved ones died
No limbs were broken,
Held safe in Saturn's arms
Commitments renewed and deepened
I go forward in joy and equanimity
To meet afresh the unknown moments.


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