Second night of Hanukkah

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Hanukkah is about rekindling, reconsecration, bringing back the light. In devastation, light returns. Without destruction, without desecration, there would be no Hanukkah miracle. It is our desolate places that call out for warmth and radiance, the darkness of our despair that invites the light of the menorah.

It is a dark time for our planet, our ecosystems and our civilization.  Catastrophic climate change is underway and escalating, yet our response as a species is weak and hesitant. We are like a patient with a life-threatening illness refusing to take our medicine because it tastes bitter. Can we find our Hanukkah miracle of global cooperation, respecting the earth and the future of our children? It lies within our soul, we have only to awaken.Will light emerge from this time of unprecedented darkness?

The Hanukkah lights are warrior lights, celebrating victory and freedom. The Maccabees had only one resource, faith, as they took on the might of empire and warlords. In our time, can we break free of the imperial power sway of our military-industrial carbon based economy and come together as one people?  Can we take our earth back as the Maccabees took their homeland back?

I pray it may be so, Amen, Amen.


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