Solstice Eclipse: Personal Experiences of a Direct Hit to my Chart

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The Winter Solstice eclipse was a dramatic event in terms of my own chart, by Western Astrology at least. The eclipse, on the Galactic anti-centre, was opposite my Mercury, which is right on Galactic Centre. Meanwhile, Uranus, planet of erratic events, surprises and sudden changes, innovation and individuation, was square (challenging 90 degree aspect) to both the eclipse and my natal mercury, setting off a T-cross. Suffice it to say that this event offered challenge, change and innovation within my consciousness and mind.
So there was the somewhat nervous anticipation of the event, the actual lived event, and now the event seen in the rear-view mirror, as I share it with you. With the eclipse conveniently occurring on Monday night, we enjoyed our usual weekly Vedic fire ceremony and bathing of the Shiva lingam. Our Naropa crowd was gone for the holidays and it was just the three Pujaris, Katherine, Sadananda and myself. After meditation we took delicious South Indian prasadam. I was quite surprised to find myself rather peaceful and not getting into any erratic Uranian moods!

Later that night, Sadananda and I went back in the temple and chanted Om namah shivayah for an hour, into the time of the eclipse. However, we didn't stay up past twelve thirty. The interesting part happened next. I took Madhav Nidhan, a classical Ayurvedic text, to bed with me! While Sadananda was brushing his teeth, I was reading Ayurvedic pathology. And as  I look in the rear-view mirror, I see that this was in fact the great and anticipated Event--just sitting in bed in my brushed cotton nightgown reading a book that I would never have seen as bed-time reading.   Indeed, Uranus was illumining my mind with insights into the ancient text. In this darkest of dark nights, the light of Ayurvedic wisdom was flooding my consciousness. During an aspect, Uranus square natal mercury, when I was challenged to individuate my consciousness, I received a clear message that I was individuating as a vessel of Ayurvedic wisdom in twenty- first century America.
Sometimes a seemingly trivial event can be of great significance  when we reflect upon it.

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