A Beautiful Land

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Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) singing in a tree

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I was born into a beautiful land
Where berries glisten on the hedgerows
Song thrush warbles in the apple tree
Sunset colours dapple estuary and saltmarsh
Children play on village green

I travelled to a beautiful land
Where Saurus cranes feed in emerald rice fields
Worshipers throng on Ganges banks

Monkeys crash though jungle trees
Sunrise flames Himalayan snows.

I live today in a beautiful land
Where wood nymphs hide beneath subalpine firs
Lilies bloom in glacier melt
Prairie dogs watch for eagle and coyote
Moonlight gleams on snowy Flatirons.

So simple, this wish
That when these ears are dust
Other ears will hear the thrush's  song.
So natural, this prayer
That when these eyes are closed at last
Other eyes will gaze
Upon Himalayan snows.
So human, this desire
That when I am no more
Other feet will walk
The trails that I have loved.

My friends, can it be true?
Must we offer all this beauty
On the altar of our greed,
Burn it in the endless fires of Moloch?

Arise, awake,
While yet there may be time!
Awake and act
Before all this is lost!
Listen, awake,
And hear the song thrush call!


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