The Snows of Innocence

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The snow reminds me of innocence
Of snowman with carrot nose
And two pieces of coal for eyes
Of toboggan rides in Leicestershire hills
And snowball fights with neighbour boys and girls.

Today, the snows of innocence are red with blood,
Blood of nine year old Christina Green
Who wanted to be a politician
And serve the children of the future,
Blood of Mahmoud Ghazal
Killed playing tag in Gaza,
Blood of Iraqi children shot at checkpoints,
Blood of one year old girl
Killed by bomb in Varanasi,
Blood of Khyber schoolchildren killed by Taliban.
Today the snows of innocence are red with children's blood,
Melted by parent's anguished tears.
When will the snows be white and pure again?

I cry to you, Dark Mother,
Drink the hot blood of hatred.
Mother of Sorrows
Wipe the mother's tears,
Lady of the Snows
Restore our innocence

Joyous and free again
Like children playing snowballs.



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