The Need of the Hour

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 Desperate about the atrocities in Libya, and the lack of meaningful response from Western democracies, we tried to call the White House comment line, but of course it was closed for President's day. Then we thought of calling the British PM, but by then it would have been after business hours in the UK.

So we turned to the One who never sleeps and always listens. Chanting OM Tryambakam Yejamahai as we offered ghee into the sacred Vedic  homa fire.

We prayed for those who were killed--unarmed peaceful protesters who were shot with automatic weapons or shelled from the air. We prayed for the heartbroken mothers who had lost their children. We prayed for the thousands of  wounded. We prayed for the doctors, facing injuries the like of which they had never seen before. We prayed for the soldiers who refused to kill their own people and for those who did kill them. We prayed for the mercenaries, ready to commit any atrocity for a paycheck. We prayed for the Gaddafi family whose souls are burdened with so many crimes against humanity. We called on the only one who would listen, with all our heart and soul.
Led by the amazingly courageous youth of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iran...May peace break out around our world and may all beings be happy.

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