Ganesha Prayer for Japan

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Mighty Ganesha, Lord of obstacles

God of good beginnings

Great Zosan, Buddha elephant

Trampling desire's tangled creepers

Stretch out your trunk to us who drown

In floodwaters of illusion

Clear a straight path across debris,

For Namazu, giant catfish, has awakened

Heaving the earth, threshing the waters

Spewing forth atomic poison,

Our children weep, our elders shiver.

Save us Ganesha, plant your mighty foot

On Namazu, make firm the earth

Make firm our hearts

And like your children, walking trunk to tail

May we stand hand in hand

Across the world

Guiding the small and weak

Safe to their homes,

Safe in your heart,  siddhi Vinayaka!

Written for the  Rocky Mountain Kirtan Summit chant for Japan  May 14th 2011


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