Ma's Personal Health Blog Part 12: Setubandhasana-Bridge Pose

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Setubandhasana - Bridge Pose सेतुबंधासन

Setubandhasana - Bridge Pose सेतुबंधासन (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the asanas that figures in my regular practice is setubandhasana or bridge pose. For example, this morning I did nine repetitions of bridge pose as part of a female energy rejuvenation series that I do regularly. Of course, I started wondering why I like setubandhasana so much and what other benefits it has, aside from toning and rejuvenating the female reproductive system.

 It turns out that setubandhasana is ideal for obesity, overweight and metabolic syndrome. First of all, it is one of the very best asanas to rejuvenate and stimulate the thyroid, thus improving metabolism. Secondly, setubandhasana helps lower the blood pressure. As an important anti-hypertension asana, setubandhasana addresses one of the key components of metabolic syndrome.  Thirdly, setubandhasana is great for reducing stress. And as I have discussed in several blog posts, stress is an important co-factor in the development of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. As an added benefit, setubandhasana is helpful in preventing osteoporosis, a condition that often affects women at about the same age that insulin resistance and hypothyroid make themselves known.

Setubandhasana is a pose suited to all ability levels--as long as you can get down on the floor.  As always, don't try yoga at home without first seeing a yoga teacher to be sure the pose is right for you and you're doing it correctly.

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