V Feel Ur Pain

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V feel ur pain.

They squat on the pavement

Wool-hatted in chilly evening

Small children with candles

Crying out for children

Feeling the pain

Halfway across the globe.


V feel ur pain.

They know guns and drones and IEDs

They know the Taliban

They know Malala

But Adam Lanza has shattered their dreams.


V feel ur pain

As u would feel ours.

They want to believe that somewhere there's a place

Of white picket fences and soft green grass

Where every child is tucked securely in bed

With a full belly

Where every child comes safely home from school.

They want to believe

That somewhere there's a place

Where every child is safe.

They thought that place, that magic land

Was called America.


V feel ur pain

As u would feel ours.

Today they understand

As only children can

That no child is safe

If any child is not

No child is free

If any child is not.


V feel ur pain.

Lighting candles of hope and prayer

To chase away the dark,

To warm cold hearts

To end despair

Calling on us all

To care.

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