Special Events

2019 Sivananda Ayurveda Conference: A Healthy Heart

January 21 — 25, 2019, The bahamas

With Marc Halpern (Siva), Marisa Laursen (Sri Devi), Alakananda Ma, Denise O’Dunn, and Jose Rugue Rubiera (Swami Narayananda)

While heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, there are many simple ways it can be prevented. Join Ayurveda experts in our 6th annual Ayurveda symposium to explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of heart issues and their healing potential.

By engaging in heart-healthy practices, you can improve your quality of life and inspire your loved ones to do the same. Discover time-tested ways to avoid cardiovascular disease and treat your heart with the physical, emotional, and spiritual care it deserves.

Ongoing Events at Alandi

Weekly Shiva Bathing and Kirtan

Bathe the shiva lingam, chant healing mantra, enjoy devotional singing and share a delicious vegetarian meal. All welcome! Every Monday, 7:00 pm.

Navratri — नवरात्रि

Join us for nine nights of yagna (fire ceremony) in celebration of the Goddess. September/October . You may also sponsor a yagna. (You do not have to be present to sponsor). 

Alakananda Ma's Birthday Celebration

Bring a delicious vegetarian dish to share and celebrate! December 15

Shivaratri — महा शिवरात्रि

Join us for a full night of yagna (fire ceremony) in worship of Lord Shiva. February 13-14 2018 all night!  You may also sponsor  a watch of Shivaratri. (You do not have to be present to sponsor).


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