Experience Ayurveda's Ancient Cleanse

Panchkarma is a special cleansing program developed across millennia to remove deep-seated toxins and allow the body to rejuvenate and heal.

At Alandi, we specialize in supporting you to do home panchakarma at minimum expense. You may also request us to refer you to a local panchakarma therapist for recommended treatments such as two or four-handed abhyanga (oil massage), svedan  (steam treatment), shirodhara (oil stream to forehead) and netrabasti (eye treatment). You can choose your own combination of home treatments and professional therapies to meet your budgetary needs.

First time patients must schedule an initial appointment to receive a proper panchakarma planning session. For returning patients, panchakarma plans can be developed in a regular follow up appointment.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • deeply relaxing and soothing
  • cleanses the body of accumulated toxins
  • helps promote longevity
  • releases the negative effects of stress and tension
  • restores the body's natural balance
  • provides an overall rejuvenation to the body, mind and spirit
  • a special streaming medicated oil treatment for the scalp and forehead to help soothe and relax the deepest levels of the body