Nestled up to the foothills in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Spiritual Guidance

Learn not to stop at any limited religion, but to dance freely in the chidakash, the sky of the Heart in which each wisdom lineage shines as a beautiful star.

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Ayurveda Clinic

Discover your unique constitution according to Ayurveda and receive a completely individualized wellness plan that supports your ability to thrive.

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Ayurveda School

Join our 4-year, 4,000 hour NAMA-approved Ayurveda Program in Boulder, Colorado.

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We welcome seekers of all walks of life into our family of the heart.


Alandi Ashram, Alandi Ayurveda School and the Alandi Ayurveda Clinic are nestled up against the foothills in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 1990 by Alakananda Ma and Sadanandaji, Alandi Ashram is inspired by the saints of AlandiSant Jnaneshwar and Raghudas Maharaj, Alandi Ashram manifests their core teachings of oneness, simplicity, love and connectedness. As Raghudas has taught us,

“there are many rivers, yet one ocean.”

Thus, we honor one spirit through multiple world wisdom traditions, one heart in a diversity of individual expression and one consciousness in Earth and her varied life forms.

We practice simplicity by living humbly and sustainably upon our Mother Earth and express our love as a healing community rooted in the teachings of Ayurveda. Recognizing that health of the individual and the family rests upon the health of the Earth, we are devoted to earth-healing practices centered upon the five sacred elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. We seek to sustain nature in all our daily choices, including housing, food production, transportation, healthcare and energy use.

Meeting our needs with simplicity and making our offerings of spiritual practices and Ayurveda accessible to all, we reach out to nourish those who are socially disenfranchised or economically disadvantaged. In the spirit of connectedness, we welcome seekers of all walks of life into our family of the heart.

...It is so refreshing to walk through the gardens at Alandi and be served a cup of tea, and also to receive the hand made herbal formulas. This place is real, and operates on a human (not corporate) scale; something I highly value and recommend!
— KH