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The Female, Feminism and Female Energy

  • The Emerging Feminine (For Men and Women) What are the qualities that characterize the coming age of the awakening feminine? How can we cultivate the heart of compassion in our hi-tech world?
  • The Mother's Awakening in the Age of Aquarius What is the dawning Age of Aquarius and how does this relate to the Mother?
  • Beyond Feminism: The Spiritual Mission of Women Once confined to children and kitchen, women today express their gifts in the world of action. What is the spiritual mission of women in the age of the Mother’s awakening? For women and all who love them!

Making Peace

  • Making Peace with our Ancestors Ancient paths and traditions emphasize ancestor worship; today we prefer to carve an individual path in ways our ancestors could not have foreseen. Can we make peace with our ancestors and draw strength from them?
  • Making Peace with our Bodies Today many of us think of our body as a car or a machine, or seek plastic surgery or liposuction for a more "designer body." Can we come to peace with the body we have and experience true wellbeing?
  • Making Peace in our Family We long for peace on earth yet often our most intimate relationships seem like war zones. How can we develop genuine community and communication at a family level?
  • Bringing Peace to our Children's Hearts Today, many children have experienced divorce, broken homes, frequent moves or multiple changes of parental figures. How can we bring peace to our children's lives and help them negotiate the challenges of 21st century living?


  • Nourishing Life: Food and Spirituality Food is our most basic need. In a time of anorexic supermodels and super-sized fast food, how can we reconnect to the sacredness of genuine nourishment?
  • Spiritual Guidance in Egalitarian Times How has the spiritual teacher expressed during the last two thousand years? What is the new face of the spiritual guide in the emerging paradigm?
  • Spirituality and Your Work Life In the age of monasticism, spirituality and worldly life were seen as incompatible. Today, most mystics and seekers must work in an environment alien to their values. How can we bring our work day to the path?
  • Sexuality and Spirituality For the last two thousand years, sexuality and spirituality were seen as opposing forces. What is the place of sexuality within our spiritual path? A talk relevant for Lovers— of all varieties of sexual orientation!

The Human Heart and Love

  • Mysteries of the Human Heart What does it mean to be gifted with the human heart? What are we really doing on this earth?
  • What is Love? There are many levels of meaning to the word love. How can we express and experience love in its highest dimension?
  • Relationships in the New Paradigm How will our relationships look in the Age of Aquarius? How can we cultivate this quality in our present relationships?

Our World and the Planet Earth

Christianity and Hinduism

Alakananda Ma and Reb Zalman

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