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Testimonials about Alandi Ashram

Alandi Ashram is one of the best centers in America for learning Ayurveda in a spiritual and Vedic context, emphasizing Ayurveda as a yogic discipline for students to both live and practice. Its director, Alakananda, was one of the first western physicians to teach Ayurveda, starting in 1980, and brings her extensive medical background into the work as well.
— Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), Author, Yoga and Ayurveda; Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies
Thank you for the care and concern your team has rendered to me this past year or so. The one on one attention has been unbelievably a part of the successful outcomes I’ve experienced. For instance, readings on glucometer have improved due to glucose drops for diabetes. And I have been practically pain-free after 3 bottles of pain and inflammation drops. Believe me that is a small miracle after experiencing back and leg pain for years! Thank you so much for passing on your wisdom and compassion to your patients.
— DC, December. 2016
I knew Alandi Ashram from Naropa University when I attended my son’s graduation. My Yoga teacher in Orlando speaks highly about Alakananda Ma, so I went to see her for supplemental cancer treatment. I have been her regular patient since I met her first in May 2015. Since I live in Orlando, the session is done over the phone, and she sends me the herbal supplement through the mail. I believe in Ayurvedic treatment and Ma is very knowledgeable about Ayurveda. With her medical background, I feel comfortable about her treatment to support the conventional cancer treatment. I have been consuming her special formula for fighting cancer over six months. I feel much better with energy.
— LB, December 2016
I came to this Ashram after having chronic sinus congestion and other metabolic issues like heavy periods and weight gain. Ma is able to guide me step by step for a healthy and happy life. Everything has been resolved and I got pregnant with my second child and have gained only 25 pounds. Again, Ma and Alandi Ashram helped me with lactation issues. Their life counseling is great with proper guidelines on food, exercise and dosage adjustments. If anybody wants to lead a happy and healthy life, please consult Alakananda Ma; you will simply enjoy the serene surroundings of this Ashram and Ma’s company.
— NS, November 2016

Testimonials About Alakananda Ma

Alakananda Ma is one of the most remarkable and extraordinary women I have ever met. She is a profound practitioner of the healing arts and an accomplished yogini in a wide range of spiritual practices. To have Alakananda Ma as a guide, even for one hour or one day, is to be possessed of Great Good Fortune. Any encounter with Alakananda which you may have will be a cherished event indeed.
— Lama Kunga Gyaltsen, Spiritual Director, Kunga Tenphel Ling Sakya Tsarpa Rime Dharma
Alakananda Ma is a spiritual teacher of the highest order. Trained in several spiritual disciplines, she is devoted to each of them in full fervor. Holding a medical degree, she is also trained in Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition. Most of all, she is a spiritual teacher who opens hearts, guides her disciples and promotes blessings for their lives. She received recognition, initiation and empowerment in those traditions and lineages and will inspire the people whom she serves. I give this endorsement after nearly a decade of having worked with her and been inspired by her.
— Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Author of From Age-ing to Sage-ing
Alakananda Ma is a rare and brilliant resource in the field of Ayurveda and spirituality. Her teachings are not to be missed.
— Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, globally recognized leader in the fields of natural health and Ayurveda
Alakananda Ma is a teacher of great knowledge, a storehouse of wisdom and, most importantly, a woman of great heart. She freely shares these gifts with all those who seek them. I recommend her without hesitation.
— Terra Rafael, Registered Midwife and Ayurvedic Practitioner
Alakananda Ma is a unique and profound teacher. Her humble and motherly manner reveal little of the depth, breadth and authenticity that she brings to the world in her teaching, healing and social activism. I have been blessed to be her student and patient, and to witness her lovingly guiding the transformation of other’s lives.
— Jane Bunin, PhD; Adjunct Professor, Naropa University; President, Natural Science Associates, Inc.
I have known Alakananda Ma for fifteen years. During this time I have witnessed her deep devotion and commitment to the Vedic teachings. Alakananda is an inspiring and heartfelt teacher whose deep authenticity arises from the fact that she lives what she professes. A humble servant of a great and ancient lineage, she brings the transformative power and abundant blessings of the sages of India. I recommend her unreservedly to all in search of inspiration, both Indians and Westerners.
— Professor Kuldip C. Gupta, President, Hindu University of America
Alakananda Ma has the gift of a great intellect with the rare and additional skill of making the teachings of western science and comparative esoteric disciplines accessible to lay persons of all backgrounds. She is a master comparative philosopher and pragmatist as well as being a true wise woman of the highest caliber. Beyond her refined intellect is the palpable presence of a master teacher and humble practitioner offering love, guidance, and compassion to the pilgrims of many paths. Her lifelong commitment to the service and liberation of all beings testifies to the universal benefit of being in her presence.
— Beth Sanchez, Yoga Teacher
I feel Alakananda Ma is a rare jewel of knowledge and dedication. I have been blessed with her wisdom and insights as well as being able to empower myself through pancha karma treatments which I was taught to do myself at home. It is so refreshing to walk through the gardens at Alandi and be served a cup of tea, and also to receive the hand made herbal formulas. This place is real, and operates on a human (not corporate) scale; something I highly value and recommend! –
— KH, November 2016
I am dealing with an incurable, progressive illness. Ever since I started working with Alakanada Ma, my doctors and I have seen a decrease and regression of symptoms. Her top notch staff make all the difference, too. The work with Ma is so much more! I feel healed emotionally and spiritually as well.
— Anonymous, November 2016