Raghudas Maharaj

Raghudas Maharaj hailed from a small village near Satara in southern Maharashtra. At the tender age of sixteen, he left home to become a hermit in the Himalayas. His northern journey took him as far as Alandi where Jnaneshwar appeared to him, saying, “Stay here with me.”

Known as “the saint of Alandi,” Raghudas spent the next fifty-six years immersed in meditation beside the tomb of Jnaneshwar. At an early age, he attained the state of mahasiddha. Raghudas led a humble, hidden life, admitting only a handful of disciples into his inner circle. He taught the path of love, simplicity and oneness, embracing Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Buddhists with impartial affection.

Working through astral bodies, he continues to guide and bless all who come to Alandi Ashram.