Alandi Jnanshewar Temple

Alandi Jnanshewar Temple


The Marathi word Alandi is a corruption of the Sanskrit Alankapuri.

On the physical plane, Alandi is a village located fifteen kilometers from Pune, on the banks of the Indrayani River. Since ancient times, the village has been a shrine of Shiva as Siddheshwar, Lord of Spiritual Attainment. Today, the Alandi Jnanshewar Temple is a major pilgrimage center, drawing hundreds of thousands of devotees on festival days.

On the spiritual plane, Alankapuri is the location of the Blue Pearl, ten finger breadths above the crown of the head, embodying the supreme level of consciousness, attainable by human beings—absolute, pristine awareness imbued with love and devotion.

Founded in the name of the saints of Alandi, Sant Jnaeneshwar and Raghudas, who fully attained the state of dwelling in Alankapuri, Alandi Ashram, Boulder, welcomes all seekers with unbiased hospitality.